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CanMars Mars Analogue Mission open house a hit with Londoners

Youngsters enjoy building Lego Mars Rovers at CanMars 2016 Open House

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The Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration commenced a 3-week long “analogue mission” called CanMars on Monday October 31, simulating a future Mars Sample Return mission. This is carried out in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency, and features a rover and field team down in Utah and a mission control team here at Western in the Physics and Astronomy Building.

An open house was held for the public on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016.

The setting was the Physics and Astronomy building atrium, under a beautiful, clear, star-studded sky holding up a waxing gibbous moon. Very appropriate indeed.

A few hundred space lovers attended the open house.

A room dedicated to the building and operation of Lego Mars Rovers was a highlight for those young at heart. Others relaxed at the reception which was held in the atrium.

At 7pm a wonderful panel discussion was led by members of the local CPSX mission team, as well as members of NASA, MDA, and The Canadian Space Agency. Londoners could hear first hand from the people who are building and flying the actual science missions to the red planet. The audience was extremely attentive throughout.

The event was a wonderful success.

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