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Carolyn Cadogan is Science's first Lead Teaching Assistant (Lead TA)

Carolyn Cadogan is Science's first 'Lead Teaching Assistant (TA)'

Carolyn Cadogan

The Lead TA program at Western is an initiative funded by The School for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS) and the Teaching Support Centre (TSC). This is the first official year of the program, following a two-year trial.  This year, eight lead TA positions were available for graduate student applicants from across all faculties/departments.  We are pleased to announce that our own Carolyn Cadogan has been awarded one of these positions for the Faculty of Science

The role of the Lead TA is intended to be department-specific. That is, the Lead TA’s task is to identify departmental needs, from both the faculty members and graduate students’ perspectives.

This position will be rotated within the Faculty of Science in the future, so we in Physics and Astronomy should all take advantage of this opportunity.  Besides providing input to Carolyn, we should make an effort to participate in the activities designed to make graduate students’ life easier as TAs, and help elevate Physics & Astronomy undergraduate learning experiences to the next level.

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