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Fall graduation reception 2016

Most of our graduating class for the Fall of 2016

On Friday, October 31, 2016, a reception was held for our Physics and Astronomy graduating students prior to the afternoon convocation ceremonies.

The following is a list of our fall graduates.

Masters of Science

Mark Baker – MSc Physics - Project title “Gauge Invariant Lagrangian Formulation” Sup: Shantanu Basu
Sivayini Kandeepan – MSc Physics - Thesis “OMCVD Gold Nanoparticles Covalently Attached to Polystyrene for Biosensing Applications” Sup: Silvia Mittler
Collin Knight – MSc Astronomy - Project title “Spatial Properties of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Population in the Reflection Nebula NGC 2023” Sup: Els Peeters
Tianho Ouyang – MSc Physics – Thesis “Self-assembled copper nanoparticle superlattices on graphene thin films” Sup: Giovanni Fanchini
Demetrius Ribiero du Paula – MSc Physics – Project Title “A Method for Independent Component Graph Analysis of Resting-State fMRI” Sup: Andrea Soddu

Doctor of Philosophy

Sahar Rahmani – PhD Astronomy – Thesis “What governs star formation in galaxies? A modern statistical approach” Sup: Pauline Barmby
Matthew Shannon – PhD Astronomy – Thesis “The spectral variability of astronomical PAHs” Sup: Els Peeters
Neven Vulic – PhD Astronomy – Thesis “X-ray Populations in The Local Group: Insights with Hubble & Chandra” Sup: Pauline Barmby & Sarah Gallagher
Quanzhi Ye – PhD Astronomy – Thesis “Aging comets and their meteor showers” Sup: Peter Brown

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