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Fall Preview Day draws many prospective science students

Fall Preview Day - Physics and Astronomy volunteers

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A beautiful, sunny, late fall day greeted visitors to Western's Fall Preview Day, and specifically the Science departmental displays which were arrayed throughout the atrium of the Physics and Astronomy building.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy was well represented by staff, students, and faculty.

Volunteers from the Physics and Astronomy Department were Abedin Abedin, Peter Frank, Kanthi Kaluarachchi, Dilini Subasinghe, Shayamila Gammage, Shailesh Nene, Bob Sica, Rob Cockcroft, Sarah Gallagher, Eugene Wong, Jeff Hutter, Alex Buchel, Patrick Hatch, Dylan Del Papa, Danielle McFadden, Colin Metrow, Mauli Bhatt, Sarah Scott, Sean Huggins, Sachi Elkerston, Will Hyland, Keegan Marr, Edith Yeung, John de Bruyn, Pauline Barmby, and Henry Leparskas.

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