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J. David Jackson memorial tree planting ceremony

J. David Jackson memorial tree planting

The morning of Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016 promised to be perhaps the last warm day of the year.

At 10:00am, on the east lawn, the Department of Physics and Astronomy held a ceremonial tree planting in memory of the late physicist John David Jackson, a London boy who became a giant in the field of physics.

Department Chair Bob Sica commenced the planting ceremony for the healthy looking red maple tree by reciting the wording for a plaque which commemorates David Jackson's career and his impact on the world of physics.

The plaque reads:

Planted in honour of Professor John David Jackson (BSc Physics, 1946)
January 19, 1925- May 20, 2016
A giant among physicists.
His contribution to the intellectual growth
of physics students at Western and worldwide
took root here and lives on in succeeding generations.

Taking part in the soil turning ceremony were the two most recent Lillian Margaret and Walter David Jackson Scholarship winners, Sivayini Kandeepan, and Cameron Hopkins.

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Note that a memorial service for J. David Jackson was held in Kensington, California on Sept. 24, 2016. [program from memorial service (pdf)]

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