Physics and Astronomy

Ups and Downs
Objective To build an elevator on the principle of pulleys.
Purpose To demonstrate simple mechanical motion.
Participants Any number of individuals or teams.
Materials a piece of wood 35 cm X 35 cm, a pencil, ruler, five 6 cm nails, a hammer , two pieces of string (each 30 cm long), one piece of string 40 cm long, an empty matchbox , two empty cotton thread spools, modeling clay.
Rules Use the materials to build a pulley system.
Procedure Use the pulley system you have built to carry the empty matchbox upwards and downwards
  1. The one to build the most efficient elevator in the shortest amount of time is awarded 25 points. Two points less is awarded for each subsequent completion.
  2. 25 points will be awarded to the contestant whose elevator can transport the most weight with the smoothest ride.
  3. The contestant with the highest aggregate total will be declared the winner.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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