Physics and Astronomy

Disposable Plate Toss 1
Objective To build a flying saucer from a paper plate.
Purpose To investigate how rotating plates fly.
Participants Teams of up to four.
Materials One paper plate, scissors.
  1. Students may modify the plate in any way without changing its diameter.
  2. The Frisbee will be thrown; accuracy and horizontal distance will be judged.
  3. Score will be kept by counting the number of throws required to hit a target.
  4. The Frisbee must be thrown cleanly through a hole in the target. If the Frisbee touches the target, 5 demerit points are added per trial up to a maximum of 4 trials. A player who cannot throw the Frisbee through the target automatically receives 10 demerit points.
  5. A Frisbee is disqualified when over half of it is damaged.
  6. The Frisbee will be thrown along a pre-marked distance range; 1 meter is worth negative 1 point.
Judging The best score wins.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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