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NSERC Summer Undergraduate Student Reseach Award (USRA)

Deadline: January 19, 2018

Please email Jennifer Tilston [jennifer.tilston at uwo.ca] if you are interested in applying for a 2017 NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award.

To qualify for a USRA, a student must:

NSERC websites with additional instructions

USRA stipends:

The NSERC USRAs are paid positions. For a full 16-week term, NSERC supplies $4500, which we top up according to a student's experience and according to NSERC's minimum 25% top up requirement. 

A list of our available research projects can be found here: Undergraduate Research Projects

Please contact our Faculty found at this link to ask if they would be willing to supervise an NSERC USRA recipient for Summer 2016: Faculty  

A list of past NSERC USRA winners can be found here: http://physics.uwo.ca/news/student_awards_archives/nserc_usra_award.html