I am experimental condensed-matter physicist interested in the structure and mechanical properties of materials ranging from hydrogels with Young's moduli in the 10s of kPa and applications as biomaterials to the strongest materials known: carbon nanotubes with Young's moduli measured in the 100s of GPa. For a summary of my current and recent projects, please follow the Research links to the left.


I am originally from British Columbia, where I completed all of my schooling: high school in Mission, BC, and university in and around Vancouver. After a postdoctoral term in New Jersey, I returned to Canada (albeit in a much flatter area), and have remained there since.

I am married to Jacqueline Hutter, and have three children: Scott (age 15), Joshua (8), and Nicholas (5). When not at work or playing with the kids, I enjoy cue sports (pool, snooker, billiards), amateur astronomy, photography, cycling, camping, and skiing (snow and water).

Education and Work Experience

2006- Associate Professor The University
of Western Ontario
1999-2006 Assistant Professor The University
of Western Ontario
1997-1999 Postdoctoral Fellow Exxon Research
& Engineering Co.
1997 Ph.D. Simon Fraser University
1990 M.Sc. The University
of British Columbia
1987 B.Sc. The University
of British Columbia