Prior to renovations, our lab was through the bay window directly above the main entrance.
Last modified: Oct. 28, 2012

Past & Present Researchers

Current Researchers

Grad Students
Himasha Wijesekara
(MSc candidate, Physics)
  • calcium oxalate crystallization
Shailesh Nene
(PhD candidate, Physics)
  • biomineralization
  • alkane crystallization
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Left to right: Shailesh, Nan (back), Chris, Steve (back), Jeff.

Past Researchers

Grad Students
Nan Yang
(PhD, Physics, 2011)
  • rheology of hydrogels
Stephen Hudson
(PhD, Physics, 2011)
  • characterization and modeling of PVA microstructure
Leo Millon
(PhD, Biomed Eng, 2006)
  • anisotropic PVA hydrogels and composites for
    biomaterials applications
Alexander Tetervak
(PhD, Physics, 2005)
  • numerical models of crystallization from solution
Eric Karhu
(MSc, Physics, 2005)
  • calibration of friction-force microscopy
  • AFM studies of alkane crystallization
Ganesh Guhados
(MESc, Chem & Biochem Eng, 2005)
  • mechanical and electrical properties of nanofibres
Jie (Salina) Chen
(MESc, Biomed Eng, 2005)
  • AFM measurements of cellular mechanical properties
Lab Outing 2005: Disc golf along the Thames

Previous outings:
  • bowling
  • hiking and star-gazing in Komoka Park
  • a day at the Pinery
Recent Undergrads
Rafael Schulman
(BSc, Physics, 2012)
  • calcium oxalate crystallization